Code of conduct for Teachers


  1. Teachers are expected to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the first bell and leave the school premises at least after fifteen minutes of the last bell or as directed. If they need to go out during the school hours {during the break or otherwise) for any reason whatsoever they need to inform/ acquire the permission of the Principal/ Person in-Charge.
  2. Teachers need to dress themselves and be neat and clean as per the norms of the institution or the directives given by the Person in-Charge.
  3. Teachers are not to reveal information pertaining to the students to anyone outside the school, reveal marks except through the normal process, nor engage in rumours of any kind especially which belittles the school and the faculty.
  4. St. Xavier's School Campus is an Addiction Free Zone. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE to all kinds of addictions because it has a formative value for students. Addiction of any kind (Supari, Khaini, Gutkha, Tobacco, Pan, Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs etc.) is forbidden in the school campus and if it is scandalous, action may be taken even if it is done out-side of the school campus.
  5. Corporal Punishment of any kind is not acceptable/permissible in our institution. Any indiscipline action / behaviour of a student must be dealt with prudence without compromising with discipline. All such cases must be immediately reported to the school authority for their information and necessary action.
  6. Teachers are not allowed to receive visitors in the School Campus without permission of the Person in-Charge. They are not to take visitors in the restricted areas like -staffroom, classroom, computer room, etc.
  7. Teachers are advised not to speak or try to do any favours on behalfof the guardians/ acquaintances/relatives.
  8. Teachers are not allowed to receive/ask for any favours/gifts from the students/parents, for there is always a chance of them being interpreted as bribes.
  9. Teachers are not to request for admissions, promotions, jobs and permissions for others.
  10.  Teachers are not allowed to take private tuitions. Similarly they are not permitted to engage themselves in any studies, jobs or business (either full time or part time). For any such activities they need written and explicit permission from the school authority.
  11. Teachers must submit their lesson plans and other assignments on time. They must learn and introduce innovative methods of teaching.
  12. Every year teachers must update their knowledge and skills through various methods such as extra reading, training programmes, orientations, seminars etc.
  13. All teachers are responsible for the general discipline of the  school.
  14. Teachers can use mobile phones but only during the break time/free time without causing disturbance to others. The use of mobile phones during class hours, meetings, functions is strictly prohibited. Listening to music, playing games, watching movies on mobiles (or other gadgets) in the school campus is not appreciated.
  15. Teachers must encourage students to speak English always on the Campus.