Rules for student

Rules for student

  1. St. Xavier's School believes in Self-Discipline and teaches the same. Self-discipline is the hallmark of Jesuit Education. All the students are encouraged and assisted through various means to grow more and more in self-disciplined life which is governed by inner drives and urged to be more and more polite, gentle, cheerful, respectful, honest, caring and sharing persons.
  2. Students are encouraged to speak polite language with every one and always use the words/phrases like, please, excuse me, thank you, sorry, pardon me and so on. Impolite, abusive language and 'bad words' must not be used.
  3. Students must always stand respectfully and greet teachers, co­workers and visitors.
  4. St. Xavier's School is an English medium school and all are expected to speak in English.
  5. Students are expected to be punctual for all their activities in their proper uniform. They must complete all their Home Works and assignments on time and submit them accordingly.
  6. In the absence of the teacher students must obey their house prefects and class-monitors.
  7.  Principal/Prefect is always available to address any suggestion/ complaint / difficulty students may have. Students are encouraged to meet the Principal/Prefect and speak out courageously about the same.
  8. Student are not allowed to use Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Gadgets are confiscated will not be returned. They are not supposed to bring any excess money, expensive watches or any kinds of ornaments. They are not allowed to bring any literature/pictures that is not directly related to the curriculum.
  9. Students must take care of all their articles/belongings. School is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  10. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE to all kinds of addictions. Addiction of any kind (Supari, Khaini, Gutkha, Tobacco, Pan, Smoking, Alcohol, Drug etc.) is forbidden in the school. The school authority will ask the parents to withdraw students with such habits.
  11. Littering, spitting, chewing-gums, dirtying school campus / property in any way is considered uncivilized and punishable with a fine.
  12. Once students are inside the school campus, they are not allowed to go out without the permission of the Prefect/Principal till the school closes.
  13. Students are responsible for their behaviour on the journey to and from the school. Loitering on the way to school or while' returning home is discouraged.
  14. Students who get involved in cheating, stealing, forging, ragging, violence, destruction or any other misbehaviour will be dealt severely.
  15. All the students are to have the prescribed books. They are not allowed to borrow from others.
  16.  All are to have the School exercise books which bear the school name and emblem. These can be purchased from the school stationery.
  17. All books are to be marked clearly with your name, number and subject. It should also be marked as either class work, home work or rough work.
  18. Students may avail of the school bus service. Bus-passes will have to be stamped on the school diary from the office on time.
  19. Students are not permitted to join outside tournaments / activities except through the school.