School Diary

School Diary

Every student of this school has to have a Home Work Diary. He/she must carry this to the school everyday.

The diary has to be checked and signed by the parents after making sure that their word has completed the home assignment.

The diary must contain the full address of the child’s home, his/her parent’s specimen signature, their place of work, and the student’s blood group.

The Home Work Diary of our School is more than a note book with columns of date, subject and home work. It is an important document.

For in it you will find

1.Columns where a record of his/her late coming is kept.
2.Columns where his/her carelessness/forgetfulness is also noted-whether it is incomplete home work or coming without a textbook or uniform etc.
3.Special space for communication where a teacher may convey a message to the parents or vice versa.
4..And many pages where the daily home work assignments are to be taken down by the pupil.