Code of conduct for Parents

Code of conduct for Parents

1. Parents are the primary educators and so St. Xavier School expects all our parents to be Role-Models to their children.

2. Parents are advised to pay enough attention to the neatness and cleanliness of the children. They must ensure that children come to school in properuniformwhich is neat and clean.

3. Parents must teach self-discipline to the students with their own example and help the school authorities to attain that aim.

4. Parents are expected to encourage their children in forming good social habits, civic habits, study habits, reading habits and so on.

5. Parents are expected to check regularly the School Diary, Report Cards, Home Works, Books, Copy-books etc.

6. Parents are expected to attend all meetings and functions without fail.

7. Parents are expected to provide healthy and nutritious food at home and specially in the Tiffin-box. "Junk food" of any kind is not allowed in the school.

8. Parents must take care of the health and hygiene of the students with regular medical checkups. There must be routine Dental care, eye check up, de-worming, vaccines etc. Parents must pay attention to proper hair cuts, trimming of nails etc.

9. Parents must make sure that their wards are punctual to the school and that they travel safely to and fro. School will not be responsible for the safety and security of students after the school hours.

10. Parents must pay all the fees on time and should not be defaulters. They must ask for money receipts and preserve them for future reference.

11. Parents/Visitors must refrain from visiting the restricted areas